Fish Species

Australia's Greet Barrier Reef provides a home for approximately 2,800 species of fish found within and among 400 types of coral. The species you see listed here are chosen based on availability, compatibility with other species, and our human ability to meet their feeding and survival needs. These fish represent the grandeur and fascination that has made the Great Barrier Reef one of the world's top natural wonders.

Angel: French
Angel: Queen
Butterfly: Racoon
Chromis: Blue reef coloration
Clown: Maroon G/S
Damsel: Garibaldi
Damsel: Sargeant
Eel: Green Moray
Eel: Zebra moray
Freshwater Stingray: Leopard
Freshwater Stingray: Pearl
Foxface: Magnificent
Goatfish: Red bar
Grouper: Black
Grouper: Red
Grunt: French
Hamlet: Indigo
Jack: Golden Trevally
Jellyfish: Moon
Shark: Bamboo
Shark: Blacktip
Snapper: Emperor
Squirrel: Blackbar Soldier
Tang: Atlantic blue schooler
Tang: Naso-pair
Tang: Vlamingi-pair
Tang: Yellow
Trigger: Clown
Trigger: Niger
Tuskfish: Harlequin
Wrasse: Broomtail
Wrasse: Green Bird