Barrier Reef Restaurant, a new wave in dining®, is a bold, unique concept dining experience that goes beyond imagination to capture the essence of one of Earth's greatest natural wonders, the Great Barrier Reef.

Conceived through the innovative design of live-aquarium environments, and a touch of vintage diving paraphernalia paired with a dedication to fine cuisine, Barrier Reef will be an experience as awe-inspiring as the spectacle after which it is named.


From the main entry, where guests walk through a jellyfish aquarium, and the cylindrical shark tank of the Shark Reef Lounge, to the Seascape Dining & Sushi Bar completely walled by saltwater aquariums, Barrier Reef will transform guests via its striking visuals, casual contemporary atmosphere, and delectable cuisine.

Sip one of the featured mixed beverages at the Shark Reef Lounge, or walk above the glass floor stingray tank to the Seascape Dining Room, all the while surrounded by the main show — a wonderful cast of vibrant colorful species of live fish swimming among beautifully hand-sculpted coral designs.

For parties of 8 or more who require a more intimate setting, the Diver's Den provides the same excellent menu and service of the Seascape Dining & Sushi Bar with more privacy. This room can be reserved for parties of 8 to 50. Flanked on both ends by fireplaces and vintage diving paraphernalia, guests will enjoy the vibrant colors of fish from the two-sided aquariums shared by the Seascape Dining & Sushi Bar.